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.....You guys are amazing! What great customer service and also I put down a deposit and they were willing and did hold the truck for 3 WEEKS for me! Can't name one other place that would even consider that! I walked in and they were not pushy at all and made me feel part of their family. Even when I took a test drive everything was explained upfront and no hidden cost at all. Once again thank you so much and I have already spread the word on your great customer service! I am currently enjoying my 2003 Ford F-150 Ext Cab. Thanks! Randy

I feel compelled to write this review to awesome auto and to thank them for all of the help they gave us this last weekend. On the way to northern Wisconsin with 12 students for an outdoor education workshop my brakes failed. Faced with the possibility of having the trip cancelled or severely delayed we started calling auto repair shops. We called Awesome auto as they also repair brakes and the owner called the co-owner to ask if he could come in to help. Despite having plans on a Sunday morning he came in within minutes. He was extremely helpful as he had to drive to the auto supply store to pick up parts and then quickly repaired our brakes. He explained the procedure to a couple of my students, even letting them assist in the process. He even gave them a few life lessons. I truly appreciate the work and advise you provided to us. Thank you very much. It is a business like this that truly needs to be recognized as he did not over charge us and just wanted us to be safe. Thank you.

Awesome Autos lives up to it's name not only with the autos they sell but the service they sell to their customers. They were able to find several cars for me to look at within my price range that exceeded my expectations. As a bonus I received a valuable one-on-one life lesson that I will cherish more than a new car. Sunshine

I came to your location and was so pleased to be treated like a person not a sale! Everyone was professional but very friendly and down to earth! You have so many vehicles to choose from and explained everything about the vehicle I purchased and no one pressured me to purchase. Next time I look for another vehicle I will be looking by you first and I will definitely spread the word about your car lot! Thank you, Susie

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